Former BHS Athletic Director accepted money for facilities use

Former BHS Athletic Director accepted money for facilities use


Ron Seigenthaler, the former athletic director and head girls basketball coach and Brentwood High School, accepted money from a private coach for use of facilities, records show.

According to receipts obtained by the Home Page, Seigenthaler received a check for $150 on July 12, 2012 from private coach Gary Gosch for use of the track facilities.

According to a thread of emails, Seigenthaler asked Gosch to write two checks to host a Williamson Youth Track Club event at the school.

One check was for $500, written to the Brentwood Track Club, the school’s club team, for use of facilities; the other check was $150 written to Ron Seigenthaler.

In an email to Gosch before the meet, Seigenthaler said he would need to appoint an “onsite supervisor” that would be paid $150.

At the end of the email, Seigenthaler asks if “this is something [Gosch] can agree to?”

On June 14, 2012, three days after the meet, Seigenthaler turned $500 in to the school’s track club listed on the reconciliation report as a “fundraiser.”

In January 2013, Gosch complained to then district athletic director Jack Daniels about the charges and was reimbursed $650 from the schools.

For reimbursement purposes, Daniels received a fax of the checks from Gosch, including the one written to Seigenthaler.

On Aug. 16, 2017, over four years after the Williamson County Schools had been made aware of the checks, Seigenthaler was dismissed from his athletic roles in the school, following an investigation into other facility usage complaints at the school.

The following letter was issued by BHS Principal Keven Keidel:

School district officials declined to comment on who knew about the checks or for how long.

Seigenthaler did not respond to the Home Page’s several phone call and text message attempts to ask for comment.

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