Focus on communication styles during psychology-based FrankTalks lecture

Focus on communication styles during psychology-based FrankTalks lecture

PHOTO: Williamson County Head Librarian Dolores Greenwald opened the FrankTalks lecture at Spark, Lipscomb University’s idea center in Cool Springs, on Monday, June 11, 2018.//Brooke Wanser


At Spark, Lipscomb University’s idea center, Franklinites packed a large room to learn more about their voice and communication styles Monday morning.

The monthly FrankTalks from nonprofit Franklin Tomorrow diverged from typical community-focused content to take on the tough topic of how to communicate and respect others.

Amy Norton, a senior associate with leadership consulting company GIANT Worldwide, led the lecture.

She introduced a tool called the 5 Voices, which GIANT developed as a distillation of the popular Myers-Briggs personality assessment utilized by many psychologists and companies.

The five voices are nurturer, creative, guardian, connector and pioneer. While nurturers have the quietest voice and comprise the largest percent of the population at 43 percent, pioneers have the loudest voice and comprise just 7 percent.

Norton encouraged the audience to work on the voices they struggled with, in order to understand better.

“If I am the strategic pioneer who has the loudest voice, I’ve got to learn to hear these other voices,” she said.

Readers can find an online version of the test here.

One Franklin business leader, Vice President Jason Sain of DiAngelis Diamond construction, explained how his business and family life had improved through utilizing strategies from GIANT. “What does it feel like to be on the other side of me?” he asked.

“GIANT has has transformed how I communicate to my girls, how I communicate to my wife, how I communicate to my mom, how I communicate to my fellow workers,” Sain said. “And I realize that being on the other side of me, sometimes isn’t that pleasant.”

In the construction industry, Sain said clients wants cost-effective, quality buildings as quick as possible. What differentiates his company, he said, is offering an experience.

“We make an impact on your life, not just your pocketbook,” he said. “The way we do that is through relationships.”

FrankTalks are held on the second Monday of every month, and the public is invited to attend. Franklin Tomorrow is an organization focused on engaging the community on questions of growth and other community issues.

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