Meadowview Apartments fire damages four units

Meadowview Apartments fire damages four units


Neighbors at Meadowview Apartments on Del Rio Pike said Friday that the fire that broke out there Friday morning was in a vacant second floor apartment that is being renovated.

According to Franklin Fire Marshal Andy King, there were items stored on top of the stove.

“It appears someone may have inadvertently bumped a knob on the stove and turned it on, igniting the combustible items,” King said.

A neighbor heard the smoke alarm and saw the blazes. Thinking fast, he called 911 then grabbed a fire extinguisher but could not put out the fire.

He helped others in the people vacate from the premises.

In addition to the vacant apartment, three other units were damaged. The  Franklin Fire Department confirmed in a statement that those families who were living in the damaged units are being assisted by the apartment staff.

Meadowview is a two-story, 216-unit apartment complex built in 1982 behind Independence Square.







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