Excitement at the Election Commission: Three incumbents win, one longtime alderman is out

Excitement at the Election Commission: Three incumbents win, one longtime alderman is out

Ward 2 Alderman Dana McLendon and his wife Amy receive the latest election results/ Photo by Brooke Wanser.


Franklin saw a lot of the old and a touch of the new Tuesday night as three alderman incumbents capitalized on their advantage over opponents while one challenger prevailed in the Franklin Board of Aldermen election.

Candidates gathered with friends and families at the Williamson County Administrative Complex on Tuesday night, waiting impatiently for voting results from the alderman election.

Ward 3 incumbent Mike Skinner lost his seat to Scott Speedy, who showed a commanding victory of 852 votes to Skinner’s 272 as the early results rolled in. Skinner congratulated Speedy and then advised him that his work would begin before he took the oath on Nov. 14.

Alderman Margaret Martin talks with Mike Skinner/ Photo by Brooke Wanser.

“He ran a smart campaign,” Skinner said of Speedy after the results were finalized, adding he was proud of the work the city had done during his 10 years as alderman.

“This is a nice city,” Skinner said of the race, noting the tone did not turn ugly between him and Speedy.


Kathy Speedy, Dave Crouch, and Scott Speedy pose after Speedy takes a lead from the early results/ Photo by Brooke Wanser.

“I appreciate Mike’s service, and we’ve already spoken,” said Speedy. “I’m looking forward to maybe picking his brain and making this transition a little bit easier for me.”

The closest race was in Ward 2, where incumbent Dana McLendon narrowly prevailed over Mike Vaughn, with a 28-vote gap.

“I never doubted it was going to be close,” said McLendon, who arrived late to the election commission after checking vote tallies at individual precincts.

“Right now, I’m going to go home and watch baseball and drink beer,” he said of his celebration plans.

The most civil race was perhaps between 30-year-old Elizabeth Wanczak and lifelong-resident Margaret Martin.

Wanczak exclaimed when she heard the vote count for the Westhaven precinct: Martin had garnered 108 votes to Wanczak’s 107. Martin won the race with 582 votes to Wanczak’s 400.


Martin and Wanczak exchanged a hug after the results came in/ Photo by Brooke Wanser

“Elizabeth ran a good race, and she is to be commended,” said Martin.

Beverly Burger, the Ward 1 incumbent, sent out an email proclaiming her victory minutes before the final votes trickled in and she was declared the victor with a 51 percent majority on a three-way split ticket.

“I ran to continue my call of service to our community and in response to the overwhelming support from my constituents,” she said in the release. “I’m honored that Ward One’s constituents have put their faith, trust and support in me again and I pledge to continue to protect, preserve and prosper Franklin.”

The final vote tally at the Election Commission/ Photo by Brooke Wanser.

Challengers Michael Phillips and J. Edward Campbell split the vote; Phillips garnered 25 percent of the vote, while Campbell took 21 percent.

In addition to the rest of the crowd, Mayor Ken Moore and Rep. Sam Whitson were on hand to watch the results and congratulate the winners.

The candidates were:

Ward 1:

WINNER: Beverly Burger, Incumbent, 552 votes, 54.28 percent of votes

J. Edward Campbell, 215 votes, 21.14 percent of votes

Michael Phillips, 250 votes, 25.43 percent of votes

Ward 2:

WINNER: Dana C. McLendon III., Incumbent, 630 votes, 51.14 percent of votes

Mike Vaughn, 602 votes, 48.86 percent of votes

Ward 3:

Michael J. Skinner, Incumbent, 272 votes, 25.78 percent of votes

WINNER: Scott Speedy, 852 votes, 74.07 percent of votes

Ward 4:

WINNER: Margaret Martin, Incumbent, 582 votes, 59.27 percent of votes

Elizabeth Downing, 400 votes, 40.73 percent of votes

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