End of gas shortage is near, pipeline to be fixed by end of week

End of gas shortage is near, pipeline to be fixed by end of week


Gas stations in Williamson County are mostly restocked with fuel after a shortage left citizens scrambling for gas when Gov. Bill Haslam declared a state of emergency on Friday.

Following the Colonial Pipeline leak in Alabama, drivers in the area formed long lines at gas stations, prompting an even greater shortage. Now, that shortage is mostly over as the pipeline is being fixed and an alternative line is used to supply fuel to the area.

“Deliveries have been made to the Nashville area since Saturday on the alternative pipeline, then the repairs on the pipe that had broken should be finished sometime midweek or later this week,” Executive Director of the Tennessee Petroleum Council Mike Williams said. “Right now things are slower, but there are deliveries being made.”

Nearly 250,000 gallons spilled from the Colonial Pipeline leak, which runs from Houston, Texas to New Jersey. Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina all were affected by the spill.

“Because everyone went out and bought every drop in Middle Tennessee, this will take a while to refill the stations,” Williams said. “But things seem to be getting back to normal. Everyone just has to be patient.”

Brentwood City Manager Kirk Bednar said in a statement during the weekend that most stations in the city were out of fuel due to panicked buying, encouraging residents to refrain from overreacting.

“Please rest assured that the City of Brentwood has adequate supplies to continue offering police and fire services to keep everyone safe,” Bednar said.

For Kroger gas pumps in the area, some still may be out of premium but most have regular unleaded, according to Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads.

“Of course the status can change quickly based on demand,” Eads said. “However, I think things have slowed down now and deliveries are still coming consistently. We should be in pretty good shape in Williamson County.”

Samantha Hearn reports for Home Page Media Group. She can be reached via email at samantha@brentwoodhomepage.com

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