ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Including massage in your summer fitness

ELEMENTS OF HEALTH: Including massage in your summer fitness

After months of hibernation, people are finally making their way out of their cozy homes to bask in the sunshine. Along with tanning and trips to the beach comes summer fitness goals; getting back in shape after the long winter. Massage can be an extremely important part of your overall health when combined with your diet and exercise regimen.

Massage aids with digestion and detoxification

Often it seems easier to eat healthy during the summertime with the plethora of different fresh fruits and vegetables overflowing from shelves in the grocery store. But if you are still struggling or finding that certain foods are causing you to feel heavy or bogged down, massage can help. Research shows that regular massage helps aid in the digestion and detoxification process your body naturally undergoes by keeping blood circulating and promoting the release of digestive enzymes.

Massage helps injury recovery

If you do happen to go too hard in your workout or try a summer sport you have never tried before and end up sore or injured, massage can be a secret weapon to recovery. For the same reason that professional athletes turn to sports massage when faced with career-threatening injuries, massage can help you recover quickly and be back on your feet and ready to tackle your next summer fitness goal.

Massage is a great way to relax

In spite of all the activities, summer is really a time to relax with family and friends—and what better way to relax than with massage? Whether you have been out hiking or waterskiing, participating in summer sports leagues, or just doing a little work around the house, getting a massage can ensure that your muscles stay relaxed and loose all summer long, no matter what you plan on doing.

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