Downtown Baskin Robbins to re-open first week in January

Downtown Baskin Robbins to re-open first week in January

After undergoing a complete overall on the inside, Baskin Robbins on Main Street will reopen its doors in downtown after the new year.

After undergoing a complete overhaul on the inside, the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store on Franklin’s Main Street will reopen its doors in downtown after the new year.

Mathew Ferguson, who is helping oversee the renovation, said everything from the light fixtures to the tile was in the process of going through a replacement. Work started inside the building on Dec. 9. The location has been downtown for the past 40 years.

From wall paper to wall boards to new dipping cabinets, it will be a brand new image store and find the most modern ones in like in California,” he said.

Ferguson, of Huntsville, Ala., said the owner Brandon Anglin, called him for help because he owns several franchises around Huntsville and has gone through the renovation process before. He said Baskin Robbins requires locations to update every 10 years.

While they ran into a couple of hiccups because of the structure’s age, Ferguson said they’ve stayed on schedule for re-opening during the first week of January.

“This is such a good location, and if they were to have a re-opening party this is the environment to do it, because the brand will support it,” Ferguson said. “It’s just a happy place and we love our franchises. People come here for their celebrations. And on their bad days we get to provide them with something that makes them smile.”

Owner Brandon Anglin said he plans to have a grand-reopening party in March as the company launches a couple of new items to its menu. Anglin has owned the storefront since 2013 and bought it from his previous boss who worked there 27 years. He’s worked at that Baskin Robbins since he was 16.

We are excited,” he said. “It keeps me young. I’ve been behind the counter. I like the atmosphere, and it’s a different kind of restaurant. People are happy to be there try new flavors.”

But for Anglin, he already knows what he wants when it reopens: a scoop of Gold Bell Ribbon.

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