Del Rio Pike residents express worries over new development

Del Rio Pike residents express worries over new development

An addition to a Del Rio Pike neighborhood has residents concerned about increased traffic and flooding.

A plan for an additional 20 homes in one neighborhood off of Del Rio Pike has area residents concerned because of potential new cut-through traffic from Hillsboro Road and worries of flooding.

Rizer Point, a development started before the recession, currently has around 70 homes with projected 20 added to create more than 90 in the subdivision. Houses would go up in the flood plain, though none would go in the floodway. The more than 30 acres backs up to the Harpeth River and is surrounded by Rebel Meadows and the existing Rizer homes.

The City of Franklin will not allow contractors to construct in areas where the Harpeth River routinely floods and provides guidelines for developers choosing to construct in the flood plain. But extra houses in already wooded and green space type area surprised residents with the location near their backyards. The residents claimed those lots were sold for a higher price with the expectation of no houses behind them.

Residents Daniel and Lindsay White live in one of those houses. The two said they wanted the property behind their house to remain the same if possible.

“At the end of the day, you’re devaluing what you sold us,” homeowner Daniel White said. “This is our dream home. Everything we’ve got we’ve poured into this, and it’s going against everything you’ve sold. This is something I’ve worked for my entire life for, and it’s going to affect us. I hope you keep that in mind.”

Traffic also remained a concern for some residents with the new access point out of the existing Rizer neighborhood. Per city guidelines, developers have to connect with an existing right-of-way and road when possible. Right now, Del Rio Pike is the only way Rizer Point residents enter and exit the neighborhood. The new connection would piece into Wedgewood Drive.

Resident Jennifer Dunn said poor traffic conditions already existed and would only worsen during the Hillsboro Road widening construction while drivers avoided traffic. Del Rio Court would also become affected via a new connection into Rebel Meadows. No connection will be made to a future Mack Hatcher extension.

The corner of Del Rio Court is impossible to walk around because Rebel Meadows uses it as a cut through,” she said. “At least now Rizer Pint doesn’t have to connect. You dead ended it on purpose and you increase all of that volume. It’s all about getting to Hillsboro and getting away from the construction. If you can come all the way down to get on Mack Hatcher, and now all of that gets funneled through there if you do this.”

Developers said they were now starting the 10-month-long approval process with Tuesday night’s neighborhood meeting as one of the beginning steps. Project organizers said they would take the concerns of residents to city planning staff to see of the possibility of not connecting to Rebel Meadows and instead use a cul-de-sac. The proposal for the new houses will eventually make its way to the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission for approval.

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