Deadline next week for name idea submissions for new southeast Williamson elementary school

Deadline next week for name idea submissions for new southeast Williamson elementary school

PHOTO: Construction begins on the new elementary school on Gosey Hill Road in Franklin / Photo by Alexander Willis


The new school proposed to be built along Gosey Hill Road east of Franklin will see the Williamson County Schools’ naming committee narrow down potential names down to three choices by February 28, with submissions from the community being accepted until February 26.

As the student population of Williamson County Schools continues to grow, recently surpassing 40,000 across its 47 schools, talks and discussions continue into the opening of the county’s latest school; an elementary school located on the west side of Gosey Hill Road, just south of Arno Road.

On Tuesday afternoon, the naming committee met to briefly discuss some of the names submitted from the community so far. While many of the submissions sparked interest among the committee, a few were easy to discount early; an easy one being “Tina Turner Elementary.”

In late 2018, the property at Gosey Hill Road was purchased by the county from William Ray and Barbara Pratt Noland; dairy farmers who had managed the property since 1965.

The name of the road itself if thought to be named after James Gosey, a Williamson County farmer. Born in Virginia in 1770, Gosey moved to the county in the early 19th century on what is now Gosey Hill Road, raising sheep on the property and selling wool to a nearby wool factory. Census data also lists Gosey as being a slave owner in 1830, 1840 and 1850, something that could be taken into consideration in choosing the school’s name.

PHOTO: The current school zoning for southeast Franklin.


PHOTO: The new school zoning once the new school is opened.

With its opening delayed last October from August of 2019 to January of 2020, students zoned to attend the new school will temporarily attend Oak View Elementary in August of this year. If construction goes according to schedule, the students will move to the new school in January.

The naming committee will continue to review the already submitted names, as well as consider all newly submitted names by the community until February 26, where on February 28, the committee will hold a meeting to narrow down the options down to three.

Once the committee has a list of three potential names, as well as reasons as to the choices, the list will be reviewed by the county school board during their next work session, and finally, voted on by the board during their next voting meeting, which will be on March 18.

To submit a name idea for the new school, email with your idea.

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