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David Deaton Karate Summer Camp

David Deaton Karate Summer Camp

David Deaton Karate was established in 1970 by Shihan David Deaton and is recognized as Nashville’s oldest martial arts school, with a highly effective educational based curriculum.

The private school educates all ages, 4 to 70, on practical street smart skills, based on an authentic traditional Japanese blend of Karate and Ju Jitsu (Wado Karate-do).  This training also emphasizes health strategies dealing with cardio conditioning, flexibility, core body strength as well as fine motor skills.   The most popular element of the DDKS curriculum with parents is the attitudinal skills. The focus for children starting as young as four is the development of self-discipline, respect for others and the self-confidence to deal with bullies and the knowledge of stranger danger techniques.

Based out of Hendersonville there are locations in Brentwood, Mt. Juliet and a new location in Lebanon.  All students start with a free evaluation before enrolling in a short starter course.

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