Congressman Mark Green sides with President Trump, supports swift action at southern border

Congressman Mark Green sides with President Trump, supports swift action at southern border


In an interview on Fox Business on Wednesday, newly-elected Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee appeared to come out in support of President Trump declaring a national emergency regarding illegal immigration at the southern border.

“I support whatever means it takes to get it done,” Green said when asked about his thoughts on declaring a national emergency. “We have a crisis at the southern border, and it’s time to act. It’s pretty clear the Democrats don’t want to participate in the solution. They’ve had many an opportunity to negotiate, and they’re just walking away from the table, so it’s time for the president to do whatever it takes.”

This comes shortly after Trump’s first Oval Office Address on Tuesday, in which the president addressed concerns of the dangers of unchecked illegal immigration on the southern border. The address was made amidst the government shutdown over procuring funding for a barrier at the southern border, which as of Wednesday, has entered its 19th day, making it the third longest government shutdown in United States’ history.

During his address, Trump warned of the large influx of drugs, particularly heroin, that crosses into the United States from Mexico. Green, a doctor himself, said he had treated a number of heroin overdoses, and that he agrees with the president that this is of great concern for the country.

“When 90 percent of the heroin comes across the southern border, there’s a crisis,” Green said. “I know the Democrats want to say, ‘well it’s coming through ports of entry,’ but that’s what we’ve caught. What about the tons of it that are going by the points of entry that we don’t have any record of? It’s just disingenuous on their part, and dangerous.”

Trump also mentioned the treatment of women who travel through Central America to enter the United States, and that many of them are sexually assaulted in the process. Green also agreed with this point, calling it a “humanitarian crisis.”

“You think of the women that are making the trek through Central America,” Green said. “New statistics show that almost one in three is being sexually assaulted as they make that trek. This is a humanitarian crisis, and to put the politics of personality ahead of the policy of protecting Americans, is just ludicrous – it makes no sense whatsoever.”

While Trump argued heavily in favor of a barrier at the southern border, he did not declare a state of national emergency, though has previously entertained the idea of doing so on social media. During a planned meeting Wednesday with congressmen Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Trump reportedly walked out of the meeting after Pelosi had said “no” to funding a physical barrier.

“My perspective is, we’re standing together with the president,” Green said. “It really is a crisis at the southern border. When the Washington Post says it’s a crisis, it’s a crisis, so the Republicans are standing firm with the president.”

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