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Civil War Round Table Nov. 12 explores Atlanta defensive lines

Civil War Round Table Nov. 12 explores Atlanta defensive lines

Dr. Larry Krumenaker is an accomplished astronomer, but he also is a student of our nation’s Civil War history.

In November, Krumenkaker will take the Franklin Civil War Round Table on an illustrated tour of the ten-mile defensive ring built by the Confederacy to protect Atlanta during the war. He will be showing photographs of this “defensive ring” in his presentation while explaining what happened to the 36 forts built in that line, whether they can be visited today, and how to find them.

He became fascinated with these massive earthworks after moving to Atlanta years ago, an intriguing part of his story he will share.

Receiving his B.S. and M.S. degrees in astronomy from Case Western Reserve University, Krumenaker obtained his Ph.D in science from the University of Georgia.  He is credited with the discovery of the only known microquasar in the Milky Way galaxy and says his training in scientific research has greatly aided in his study of the Civil War.

Krumenaker has worked as an educator in Atlanta and the University of Cologne while writing extensively on astronomy and historical tourism.  He has spoken to Round Tables in the United States and Europe.  His most recent work is the Colonia Tour Book, A tourist’s Guide to the Ancient Roman City that became Cologne.  He is currently working on a book on the Atlanta Campaign called Traces of War.

He will be featured at the Franklin Civil War Round Table giving his Walking the Line presentation beginning at 3 p.m. on the Sunday, Nov. 12 at the Fleming Center at Franklin’s Carnton Plantation.  The public is always invited.

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