Census Bureau “desperately” seeking part-time employees in Williamson County for 2020 census

Census Bureau “desperately” seeking part-time employees in Williamson County for 2020 census


The United State Census Bureau is “desperately” seeking part-time and temporary employees in Williamson County as it gears up for the 2020 Census, with the county Director of Community Development Joe Horne reaching out to the community once more during Monday’s meeting of the County Commission in Franklin.

Conducted once every ten years, the United State census is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and has been held every ten years since its inception in 1790. The benefits to having high participation in the census are many, as Horne explained, including some major financial benefits.

“This is coming up next April, and there’s a lot of reasons we do it; it’s in the Constitution, it’s about fair representation, it’s about redistricting – but, it’s also about money,” Horne said. “Every person we count is worth $1,981, so it’s very important we get the count right.”

The majority of positions the Census Bureau is looking to fill would be for enumerators, also known as census takers. Census takers typically work in their respective communities interviewing residents who have not responded to the Bureau’s questionnaires, updating addresses, and organization data.

Positions with the Census Bureau start at $17 an hour, have the ability for workers to choose their own hours in both the amount and the days, offer the chance for workers to work from home, offer paid training, and offer .58 cents per mile for traveling expenses.

“The Census Bureau is desperately seeking temporary and part-time employees for the count,” Horne said. “Now some of these will be used this summer, and they’ll be used in roles to do things like verify addresses, but this coming Spring, these folks will be used to help those who don’t answer their form, or answer online. So it’s very important that we help them along and get those folks counted wherever we can.”

Those interested in working for the Census Bureau are encouraged to call 1-855-562-2020, or to apply online by clicking here.

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