Casada picked as majority leader; lashes out at video as “edited lie”

Casada picked as majority leader; lashes out at video as “edited lie”

Tennessee House Republicans elected Williamson County Rep. Glen Casada as majority leader during Thursday’s annual GOP Caucus meeting.

Casada defeated Mike Carter (R-Hamilton County) for the position. The Thompson’s Station Republican previously held the GOP Caucus chair position during the past year.

In his speech to the caucus, Casada didn’t dwell on his accomplishments in leadership so much as he did a video that the conservative blog Rocky Top Politics posted this week. In the post, it shows clips of Casada at Bar Louie in downtown Nashville. He said that he was there with 11 other people, including some who were in the room at Nashville City Club during the GOP caucus meeting.

The blog asserted he was inappropriately touching a woman in the video and cheating on his wife.

“These are outrageous tactics that could ruin the caucus and the way we conduct business,” he said. “You know Glen Casada. You know he’s not that time of person. Let me be blunt and to the point. I have not been unfaithful to my wife. I am not that person.”

Casada said the images in the video were edited. He said if were elected, it could become an issue for him to expose those he considered libeling members among the House, including himself and the re-elected Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville).

He said that didn’t include legislation, but a potential lawsuit that would prompt those making the accusations to reveal themselves.

“It would force them to disclose who they are,” he said. “I am going to do all I can to expose them. That’s the precedent over the election of this position.”

Casada said he brought it up because he believed it was human nature to see and believe, meaning that he feared those in the legislature watching the video would take its implications at face value.

“Even an edited lie,” he said. “You tend to believe what you see. We have it heavily edited to make it look like I am alone.”

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