Button Ball rebranding pays off for Davis House

Button Ball rebranding pays off for Davis House


With the change in the name, Davis House Child Advocacy Center  organizers witnessed first hand this weekend the benefit of rebranding its stakeholder event.

Previously called the Legacy Ball, the event transformed Saturday. Davis House helps children year-round who have faced abuse. Upon their arrival at its Franklin location, staff provides them with a button, helping them understand they are not alone.

Executive Director Marcus Stamps said he felt that shift in name change helped re-energize efforts along with better expressing the organization’s message.

“We serve a lot of people, and we need the community support,” he said. “The public help’s is not only engaging, but it helps others understand how we impact children and their futures. If we can help them today, we can solve a lot of problems for them in the long run. It means a lot and to have the people there, and hopefully gather more who can support.”

Stamps said he wasn’t clear how much money the ball raised over the weekend, with proceeds still not calculated. He said he hopes the future for Davis House involves an actual brick and mortar location rather than the office space the group operates from off of Royal Oaks Boulevard.

“We are working hard for raising the money and trying to find a location,” Stamps said. “And it’s really difficult in Franklin. There’s a lot of talk about affordable housing for individuals, but it also applies to a nonprofit like us. It’s very difficult to find what we need, and a house is what we need.”

Totals for how much the group raised will be calculated throughout the week.

Those who still want to give can do so online.

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