Buddy Bluebag makes his way to Lewisburg for recycling

Buddy Bluebag makes his way to Lewisburg for recycling


Recyling mascot Buddy Bluebag was at it again this week, this time showing people where recyclables go after being picked up.

The city of Franklin posted the three-minute long video on it’s Facebook page Tuesday for its segment “Trash Talking Tuesday.”

City Administrator Eric Stuckey had also hinted at it Monday during his segment, “Top 3 Things.”

Stuckey said, at that time, the city had more than 60 percent participation in its recycling program, but believes it can get even more.

The video begins with “Where do blue bags go?”

Buddy then follows along a recycling truck as it makes its stops. He picks up blue bags and tosses them into the back of the truck, he heads to the transfer station and backs the truck in and he then backs a tractor trailer full of recyclables into a station in Lewisburg, Tenn.

Buddy ends the segment with, “Thanks for using blue bags!”

Buddy Bluebag has been the recycling mascot for the city for years and in 2014, he even got a makeover.

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