Brentwood Library to offer mobile HotSpot rentals Jan. 19

Brentwood Library to offer mobile HotSpot rentals Jan. 19

The Brentwood Library will offer its members mobile HotSpots for seven-, 14- and 21-day rentals at a cost of $1 per day starting Jan. 19.

The daily charges will be due at checkout, but there won’t be refunds for early returns. One HotSpot may be checked out per card, and a maximum of 10 devices can be used with each. If you’re late, there’s a $2 per day fee. HotSpots will come as a three piece set – hotspot, charger and cord. If a HotSpot becomes damaged, the replacement cost is $145.

“Over the years, we have developed partnerships with Brentwood schools,” Library Community Relations Director Norman Taulbee said. “We found that PTO parents sometimes need internet access at the schools. In addition, our homeschooling groups can use them for field trips.”

In addition, member families who are traveling or have large projects can use the HotSpots to connect up to 10 devices to the same HotSpot at once.

“The best part of having a HotSpot is that you have the library with you in places that you may not have access,” Library Director Susan Earl said. “So you can check out eBooks, make a study room reservation, register for a program via our library app or simply wish to find information in out eRed collection.”

The $1-per-day fee helps to cover the library’s cost of the service. They have access to a special government rate that’s not available to the general public, but the rental fees will cover the cost of that.

HotSpots may be returned through the Library’s Bookie Monster, their automated materials handler.

In December, the Spring Hill Library was one of the country’s first pilot programs for public Wi-Fi lending, with mobile hotspots being added to its already diverse collection of free lending materials.

That program allows library patrons to have mobile Internet service virtually anywhere in the nation, as well as 120 countries throughout the world.

Spring Hill’s program was the first of its kind in the U.S., allowing any Spring Hill Library patron to check out a mobile Wi-Fi device for up to three consecutive weeks, connecting them to nationwide high-speed Internet service on a network capable of servicing 96 percent of Americans.

Brentwood’s program will have national coverage.

“For international coverage, the carrier has assured us that coverage will span most of Western Europe, but extra fees could apply in some areas,” Taulbee said. “For other countries, it depends, as there some restrictions on internet usage in general. Thereby, it depends largely upon the country to which the member is travelling, outside of Western Europe, whether or not they will receive coverage.”

The Brentwood Library is located at 8109 Concord Road. For more information, contact Taulbee at 615-476-3871.

Samantha Hearn reports for Home Page Media Group. She can be reached via email at or on Twitter @samanthahearn.

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