Brentwood Costco opens warehouse retailer’s first car wash in the eastern U.S.

Brentwood Costco opens warehouse retailer’s first car wash in the eastern U.S.

PHOTO: A newly constructed building houses Costco’s car wash, the first in the eastern United States.//Brooke Wanser


When Costco Wholesale’s newly built car wash opened for business on Saturday, the warehouse store became the first location in the eastern United States to offer the service.

“This is the first of its kind in this part of the country,” Chris Ferko, a consultant for Costco and engineer at Barghausen Consulting Engineers, told Brentwood planning commission members last year. “Costco is real excited to be able to bring this service to its members out here. It’s something they have found has been very much appreciated and well-liked by its members that use the car washes at those other locations.”

Located off Seaboard Lane in Cool Springs, the Brentwood location is the 11th in the country to house a car wash. Other locations are in California, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona.

The car wash is adjacent to the gas pumps, so customers can easily access it after filling their tanks. Operations are completely mechanical, and a wash will cost $7.99.

The Brentwood planning commission approved the car wash in June of 2017.

The Brentwood Costco, which opened in 1999, typically has long lines for their gas station, which offers members a discount on fuel prices.

Adding a car wash will likely make the warehouse store an even bigger hit in Williamson County. But for others, the addition won’t make braving the already long lines worth it.

“Love Costco, won’t go because of the crowds,” said Justin Jamison, a south Franklin resident, over Facebook. “I’ll use closer car washes to avoid the congestion.”

“We had one at our Costco in CA and it was great!” wrote Colleen Goggin. “I can’t wait!!”

The long, narrow building can easily fit several cars inside at once./Brooke Wanser

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