Be Healthy Challenge III: Are you interested?

Be Healthy Challenge III: Are you interested?

Ites Jan. 11. Howes that New Yeares Resolution to get healthy going?

Ites Jan. 11. Howes that New Yeares Resolution to get healthy going?

BrentWord Communications is assessing reader and sponsor interest in a third annual Be Healthy Challenge, the successful 12-week wellness program that launched in Brentwood Home Page in 2012 and repeated last year in Brentwood and Franklin.

To launch, we need a minimum of 12 individuals determined to change their life for the better by establishing new habits, participating in regular exercise and learning about good nutrition choices.

Success largely comes from the accountability the program provides. Each participant is on a team that works out together three times a week under the guidance of a professional trainer at a workout facility partnering with the Be Healthy Challenge.

Accountability is also achieved through a weekly Be Healthy Challenge blog that each participant is required to write to communicate with friends, family and BHP readers regarding their progress, challenges and successes.

Finally, each participant is accountable to a sponsor they must secure in order to participate. The participants will mention their sponsor in their weekly blog and communicate their progress with their sponsor throughout the Challenge.

Participants must also agree to be featured in Brentwood and Franklin Home Pages via stories, social media, blogs, video and photographs.

There is no cost to the individual Be Healthy Challenge participants; sponsors offset the cost of the program and in return receive a valuable advertising package in Franklin Home Pagee or one of BrentWord Communicationse other

If you are interested in learning more about being a Be Healthy Challenge participant or sponsor, CLICK HERE to sign up for more information.e We will be making a decision soon, so donet delay.

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