BASKETBALL: 11-AAA 2018 Preseason Coaches Polls unveiled

BASKETBALL: 11-AAA 2018 Preseason Coaches Polls unveiled

Last week, the 11-AAA Boys and Girls Preseason Coaches Polls showed exactly where the district’s coaches felt things were headed for the 2018 season.

Brentwood’s boys team and Ravenwood’s girls team earned the top slots in their respective polls.

Franklin’s Reese Glover and Brentwood’s Jack Thurman earned Player of the Year preseason honors for the guys on the All-District Team, while Ravenwood’s Jaz Harmon and Page’s Faith Wilken earned those honors for the girls.

Brentwood earned four first-place votes in its poll for the top, while Franklin received two and Centennial received one.

Ravenwood saw four votes themselves, while Dickson Co. earned two.

Below are the rankings and Preseason All-District teams, courtesy of Williamson County’s athletic department. The latter teams are in no particular order.

11-AAA Girls Preseason Coaches Poll 

  1. Ravenwood (4)
  2. Dickson (2)
  3. Page
  4. Brentwood
  5. Franklin
  6. Summit
  7. Independence
  8. Centennial
  9. Spring Hill

11-AAA Girls Preseason All-District Team

  1. Jaz Harmon, Ravenwood (Player of the Year)
  2. Faith Wilken, Page (Player of the Year)
  3. Jillian King, Franklin
  4. Ryan Roberts, Dickson
  5. Ellie Colson, Summit
  6. Ashland Hardin, Centennial
  7. Amanda Haylett, Independence
  8. Amelia Osgood, Brentwood

Also receiving votes: Marli Anderson, Summit, Olivia Wilson, Page, Darcy Doran, Franklin

11-AAA Boys Preseason Coaches Poll 

  1. Brentwood (4)
  2. Franklin (2)
  3. Centennial (1)
  4. Dickson
  5. Page
  6. Ravenwood
  7. Summit
  8. Independence
  9. Spring Hill

11-AAA Boys Preseason All-District Team

  1. Reese Glover, Franklin (Player of the Year)
  2. Jack Thurman, Brentwood (Player of the Year)
  3. Tre Carlton, Centennial
  4. Matt St. Charles, Independence
  5. Sterling Craig, Ravenwood
  6. DJ Stacey, Dickson
  7. Jaden Rucker, Spring Hill
  8. Blane Burrow, Page
  9. Hayden Turner, Summit

Also receiving votes: Harry Lackey, Brentwood, Darian Burns, Spring Hill, Dusty Williams, Centennial, Preston Garner, Independence

Photo by Steve Wheeler 

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