ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Battle Ground Academy

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Battle Ground Academy

Photo courtesy of Battle Ground Academy

Dolan Eckhart


Dolan Eckhart, son of Kathy Eckhart, is a senior at Battle Ground Academy and a member of the Varsity Wrestling Team.

He is the captain of the team. This season, Eckhart has had a 28-5 record with a 23 win streak.

Eckhart said that he originally decided to sign up to wrestle in middle school because his brother did. “I didn’t really start to take it seriously until I got into high school and started competing,” he said.

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “Noticing improvement from day to day was something that inspired me. Whether it was working on technique, strength, or speed, it was something I enjoyed doing.”

One of his biggest role models is wrestler Louden Swain, who was depicted in the movie Vision Quest. “I admired his unstoppable tenacity towards his goal and I tried to match that tenacity this season,” he said.

After graduating from BGA this spring, he plans to attend The University of Tennessee- Knoxville.

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