ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Battle Ground Academy

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Battle Ground Academy

Photo courtesy of Battle Ground Academy

Ella Rose Gallimore


Ella Rose Gallimore, daughter of Missi and Byron Gallimore, is a senior at Battle Ground Academy and a member of the Varsity Girls Basketball Team.

She plays the position of point guard for the team.

Gallimore started playing basketball when she was in kindergarten. She said, “what really got me started on playing was that I loved to compete and I loved the feeling of being on a team. I was always just very into sports as a kid.”

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “Something that inspires me as I train and practice is the harder that I push myself in practice sets an example for everyone else to give it their all as well which results in the team getting better as a whole.”

One of her biggest role models is her mother, Missi. “She is a go-getter… anything she does, she gives it 100 percent.”

After graduating from BGA, Gallimore plans to attend college. She is currently deciding between Samford  University and The University of Tennessee- Knoxville.

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