One of two petrol pipelines back online after explosion

One of two petrol pipelines back online after explosion

An explosion forced the largest gas pipeline in the country to be shut down on Monday in Alabama, its second shutdown in as many months.

Both of Colonial’s Pipelines– Line 1 transports gasoline and Line 2 diesel, jet fuel and other distillates– were shut down, but before noon Tuesday Line 2 went back online.

In September, when a leak caused Line 1 to shut down, Colonial began pumping gas through Line 2. It is unclear if that is the plan now, however.

“Both lines are down, no gasoline is moving down the line. Nothing is going through,” said Tamra Johnson, a spokeswoman for AAA, said in a statement. “So we can actually start seeing some supply outages in the coming days if they don’t put a plan in place.”

If the pipeline’s two main lines remain closed, motorists could begin seeing prices rise at the pumps within about a week, Johnson said.

One worker was killed and a half dozen were injured in the Colonial Pipeline incident, which happened just a few miles from where problems in September caused a shutdown that led to widespread panic at the pumps across the Southeast.

Shortly before 3 p.m. on Monday, a contract crew working on Colonial’s gasoline pipeline (Line 1) in Shelby County, Alabama, experienced an incident when the trackhoe it was using hit the line. Gasoline was ignited and caused a fire, which continues to burn, according to Colonial.

Five individuals were transported to Birmingham-area hospitals for treatment, and there was one fatality recorded at the scene.

After the incident occurred, Colonial shut down its two mainlines, which traverse Shelby County. Those lines remain down at this hour.

The Colonial Pipeline serves much of the Southeast of the U.S.

This story is developing.

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