Alexandra Harper, of Williamson County, wins Miss Tennessee USA

Alexandra Harper, of Williamson County, wins Miss Tennessee USA

Photo: Alexandra Harper being crowned Miss Tennessee USA on Saturday, Oct. 14 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Photo credit – Demarcus Bowser Photography


Mother and daughter both have their crowns now.

Alexandra Harper became a second generation Miss Tennessee USA winner Saturday after coming out on top in the state pageant in Clarksville. It was the same accomplishment her mother, Sharon, achieved 36 years before.

When they called out her name as the winner, it was an overwhelming moment.

“Well you know it was a very surreal feeling,” Harper recalled on Tuesday. “Seeing all of my family and my friends out in the crowd. Just being there and being crowned and seeing them, it was the best feeling in the world. There’s nothing else that could top it.”

It was Harper’s second try at the crown. She had placed in the top five in the competition two years ago and came better prepared this time.

“I was confident, but I wasn’t sure about anything,” she said. “You never really know what’s going to happen. I knew if I was just confident in myself and my performance…that hopefully everything would turn out the way that I hoped.”

Of course, not only was Harper ecstatic about her win, her mom was, too.

“Oh my gosh, my mom is on cloud nine,” Harper said. “She is going a little bit crazy, but everyone is just so proud and so happy. I’m honored to have this title and this responsibility, so they’re absolutely ecstatic.”

Besides the excitement, Harper’s pageant victory also brought back some memories for her mom.

“I think she brought her crown out today,” Harper said. “It’s such a proud moment for her to see her daughter, whom she never really thought would do pageants, to see her daughter win.”

Harper has been busy since her win on Saturday and will be even more so in the coming weeks and months. There will be lots of travel, interviews, special appearances and charity work leading up to the national Miss USA competition. Harper said the date for that pageant has not been set yet, but it is usually near the beginning of June.

Harper ended the pageant on Saturday night with more than just the Miss Tennessee USA crown. She is also thrilled to have had the chance to meet her fellow contestants in the pageant.

“It was just an honor to be competing with the most incredible group of women I’ve ever met,” she said. “Every single girl was just outstanding and so impressive. It sounds so cliche, but I really did leave this weekend with 30 new best friends.”

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