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After Amazon acquisition, Franklin Whole Foods debuts small but noticeable change

After Amazon acquisition, Franklin Whole Foods debuts small but noticeable change


After, Inc acquired high-end grocery store Whole Foods for $13.7 billion this summer, customers across the country took notice of signs designating slashed prices during the first week of new ownership.

Inside the Whole Foods on West McEwen, orange signs dotted the store. Employees hustled around, changing signs and rearranging shelves. Prices on Whole Foods’ 365 brand showed lower prices on items like seafood, salads, avocados, apples, dairy and almond milk and eggs.

Jenny Krzystowczyk, a resident of Franklin, said she was aware of the acquisition, and curious to see if she noticed any change in prices. “Some things I did, some things I didn’t,” she said on Saturday morning after completing her shopping.

She said she noticed that avocados and uncured bacon were cheaper. “Which is a rarity, because that’s so expensive usually,” she said.

Krzystowczyk, who said she comes to Whole Foods for certain items only, noticed that she bought more than usual. “Chips, I wouldn’t get here because they’re always ridiculous,” she said. “But I picked up a couple today because they were on sale.”

She thought others might have taken notice, too.

“There’s a lot of hustle and bustle going on that’s unusual for a Saturday morning,” she said.

Whole Foods, under new ownership, has promised to deliver lower prices on fresh, healthy food. In a press release on Amazon’s website, the company has also told customers to be on the lookout for new innovations, like online ordering from Whole Foods through and special rewards from Amazon Prime members.

Danielle Russo and Daniel Privan, from Hunstville, Ala., didn’t notice much difference inside Whole Foods.

“They sent us a coupon at home for one free chicken and one free salad,” Privan said. “But I haven’t noticed that much of a price difference.”

“We bought fruit and it was the same price,” Russo added.

A Whole Foods regional representative and store manager both declined to be interviewed or provide information for this story.

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