A new way to workout has come to Franklin

A new way to workout has come to Franklin

Wiley Robinson, Manduu trainer and director of operations, leads workout. /Photo courtesy of Tanner Roman


Wiley Robinson crouches, his hands balled into fists next to his body, as he slowly gives instructions.

“Breathe in, breathe out,” Robinson, a certified Manduu personal trainer, says. “Here it comes again… Go!”

The electricity then runs through the body, creating a tingling to almost shocking sensation across the body as the person working out starts exercising and electrodes attached to their body begin their work.

This is a new form of working out in Tennessee and the first gym of its kind to open in Franklin just five weeks ago.

It is called Manduu.

Manduu members go through a recent workout. /Photo courtesy of Tanner Roman

Owner Jason Ritzen opened the studio and plans for more soon. In just a few weeks, a studio in Brentwood will open and from there plans are to start opening in the Nashville area.

Manduu is a workout unlike any other. It uses electricity to stimulate the muscles, and in turn, make muscles grow.

The trainers put those working out through what would normally be considered a light workout. But, with Manduu, it intensifies. Participants are equipped in a vest, shorts and arm straps which deliver slight electricity to the muscles.

The theory is called electrical muscle stimulation. This workout has been used in Europe for a number of years, but just recently came to the U.S. Ritzen said it can do more than what lifting weights conventionally can do because it works all of the muscle and gets deeper.

“When you’re hooked up on this machine, we’re getting to 80 percent of the muscles and 90 percent of the fibers,” he said.

Ritzen himself didn’t believe it when he heard it at first. He said a friend first told him about it. The workouts are only 15 minutes long, and you only do them once a week. One workout is supposed to be the equivalent of 6 hours of heavy lifting in the gym.

“I immediately said ‘That’s a load of crap,’” Ritzen said. “That’s too good to be true.”

He went through a workout. He talked to several doctors. He said he found out he was wrong.

So, what did he do?

He bought all the rights to open Manduu studios in Tennessee and Texas, he said.

Ritzen said this is the perfect workout for those who are older because it helps build strength. It’s perfect for those with busy lives. It’s perfect for those who do yoga.

But, don’t call it a “weight loss program.”

“We’re not about weight loss,” Ritzen said. “We build muscle, we burn fat.”

Robinson said one man has gone through 10 session so far with Manduu. After 10 session, he has gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost 8 pounds of fat.

Robinson said so many people do not work out or have time to work out. But, with Manduu, its 15 minute workout once a week gives that opportunity.

“When you walk in here and see this, that’s the new gym,” he said.

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For more information, visit Manduu’s Facebook page @manduufranklincoolsprings.

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