A love letter to my daughters: Style is more than the superficial

A love letter to my daughters: Style is more than the superficial


I am a mother of three grown daughters – well, growing daughters.

As my mother before me, I love these kids with all that I am. When they hurt, I hurt. When they succeed, I am overjoyed.
When they work hard, I encourage them and walk alongside them through their trials as much as they allow me. When they find love, it gives me hope.

They are in the very throes of becoming independent and self sufficient in a tough world where things seem more complicated, more dangerous, more overwhelming, more judgmental, more busy and more angry. Facing that world, and making a meaningful contribution to it, requires collaboration and communication, and that’s what I hope to do with the Style Home Page online magazine, beginning with a reboot this week.

All three of my girls – and me for that matter – have our own style. Our styles, though, do not have so much to do with clothes or haircuts. In fact, we all three have fairly similar tastes and we all have long hair.

Yet, our styles have more in common when it comes to our friendships, our work ethic, our respect for others, our global view on women’s rights, our career ambition, our loyalty, and most importantly, our deep and well-honed love of family.

I would like to talk about clothes on Style Home Page – but clothes that gain you respect at work or express your inner passions. I want to talk about giving – and how we are all called to give to others in many different ways. I want to talk about business and relationships, culture and politics.

I hope we can talk about the things that my girls at the ages of 22, 24, and 26 want to hear and I hope women my age will chime in and answer their questions.

Women are sometimes very good at tearing each other down. We have all probably experienced this behavior and maybe even done it to each other. But even on our bad days, women truly want to support each other. Women are nurturing, intelligent, thoughtful and strong.

Can we use a platform like Style Home Page to bring out the best in women and help them define a style that is not what you see on the outside, but more. Women are more than clothes and makeup.

I hope Style Home Page will be a platform where we have a conversation about relationships, careers, giving, life-balance, political policy, and much more deeper subjects.

And I truly hope you will be part of that conversation. We hope you will write to us, comment on Facebook, tag us on Instagram, and share with your friends when you find something that helps you.

When you come to Style Home Page we hope you “find your style, find your strength, and find yourself.” Find and be your best self.

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