912 Project leader personally suggests Williamson board candidates

Before heading to the Republican National Convention this week, 9.12 Project Tennessee founder Lee Douglas made his suggestions of who he would vote for in the Williamson County School Board race.

The group, originally founded by conservative Glenn Beck, works to rebuild communities back to how they were before Sept. 11, 2001. According to the group’s page, it is non-partisan.

In his posting on the 9.12 Project Nashville discussion board, Douglas explained his picks. He makes it clear they are not an endorsement on behalf of the 9.12 project, but simply what he thinks as an individual. He also made suggestions in the previous 2014 school board election.

“The two most important reasons for me to have voted for any of the WCSB candidates centered around an opposition to Common Core and whether they shared any serious concern about the acceptance of text books that are inaccurate and misleading in general or that failed specifically to give an accurate description of Mohammad,” Douglas said in an interview via email.

He said while he interviewed vetted candidates and would vote for District Seven’s Jennifer Luteran.

He selected:

Richard Davis – District 1

Kimberly Little – District 3

Joey Czarneski – District 4

Julie Mauck – District 5

Jennifer Luteran – District 7

Denise Boothby – District 9

Stuart Cooper – District 11

Douglas noted he no objection to educating children about the world religions, their ideas, outcomes of each faith, respective founders and leaders. This question had been an issue late in 2015 over the teaching of Islam in schools and how it was portrayed in textbooks to seventh grade students.

“My objection and concern is the overt effort to portray Mohammad as a man of peace, gentleness, tolerance, and purity,” he said. “Nothing is said about his legacy evidenced in the next generation(s) or even his own practice of genocide, caravan-marauding, or sexual relationship with a nine year old. Islam has 1.4 billion followers. Who among us would find it unimportant to know these truths of its founder? Muslims are to imitate his example just as Christians imitate the life of Jesus Christ. Isn’t this important?

He also explained he would like to see candidates on the school board who were concerned with textbook accuracy.

“Unity is a good thing unless it requires the sacrifice of truth and accuracy, and my opinion is that it is the minority who have held scholarship in its right place,” he said. “Those candidates I affirmed are people I believe will stand firm on these issues. “

These same candidates also line up with the endorsements given from the Williamson County Republican Party earlier this week. The WCRP didn’t endorse in races Four, Seven or Nine.

Emily West covers Franklin and Williamson County government and schools for Home Page Media Group. Contact her at emily@franklinhomepage.com. Follow her on Twitter via @emwest22.

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