6 things not to feel guilty about as a Mom

6 things not to feel guilty about as a Mom


As mothers, we’re all familiar with “mom guilt.”

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, there’s guilt about not contributing financially to your household. If you’re a working mom, there’s guilt about not being with your children during the day.

We feel guilty when we feed our children fast food, or tell them little white lies to avoid a potential tantrum.

But with many things, we need to cut ourselves some slack. It’s totally fine to bend, break or ignore the rules of motherhood if it means keeping our sanity or giving ourselves a mental time out. The next time you feel that “mom guilt” start to rise from within, remember that these 6 things are not worth losing sleep (any more sleep) over. These things are completely acceptable if it means you’ll be a healthier, happier mama. Because after all, when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!

1. Plopping the kids in front of the television for an entire day

Experts say that too much screen time isn’t good for kids. But you see, it is good for moms. When the children are watching television, we can clean, do laundry, check emails and take care of other household chores. My children have learned lots of things from watching television, including letters, words, and even the alphabet backwards!

2. Feeding the kids cereal for dinner

Look, we’ve all got those nights when our time and patience is limited. If you aren’t in a cooking mood and the kids are begging for food, just whip out the Cocoa Puffs and pour them a bowl of cereal. It won’t kill them, it will still provide some nutrients, and you’ll get a break from slaving over a hot stove and scrubbing pots and pans all night.

3. Leaving the dishes in the sink for a week

When you have a full schedule, some things get put on the back burner. Like dishes. Yes, they’ve been in the sink for over three days, but between soccer practice, ballet class, Bible study and date night, the dirty dishes can wait. You’ll eventually clean them, but for now, focus on enjoying time with your family because that is not something you can ever get back.

4. Skipping bath night

You know, it’s actually not a good idea for kids to bathe every night because it can dry out their skin. It’s probably best to bathe them a few times a week. But on the rare occasion when you can’t remember if it’s bath night or not, you’re not a bad mom if you say “eh, we’ll take a bath tomorrow.” Wipe the kids’ hands, faces and private parts with a wipe and you’ll basically give them a half-bath that will clean the most important areas.

5. Craving a glass of wine in the middle of the day

I don’t drink very often. Not even socially. But sometimes I get so overwhelmed while I’m on mom duty that I want to chug an entire bottle of wine. And then chug another. I’m certainly not proposing that we drink while we’re watching our children. But if you start pouring that Merlot 0.2 seconds after putting the kids to bed, know that you’re not committing a sin.

6. Locking the bathroom door to sneak a bar of chocolate

Sometimes the only way moms can enjoy treats is to lock themselves in the bathroom and quickly devour them. Taking five uninterrupted minutes to indulge in a Hershey’s bar is totally justified. Not that you’re doing anything wrong, but you know all hell will break loose if the kids catch you eating chocolate without sharing. Those five minutes of bliss might be just what you need to recharge on a challenging day.


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