5 Christmas tree trends to try this year

5 Christmas tree trends to try this year

Nothing says Christmas more than a decorated, lit Christmas tree. One of the best things about putting up the tree is that the decorating possibilities are literally endless. From the variety of ornaments that are available to color choices, ribbon, garland, tinsel and so on, you can create a one-of-a-kind tree.

If you’re not sure where to start, here is a look at 5 popular Christmas tree decor options.

The Farmhouse Look 

The farmhouse look has become popular in all facets of interior design. Many people are using reclaimed wood to make furniture or artwork and incorporating interior sliding barn doors to create separation between rooms has been popular for the last few years. The farmhouse look can also be used in your Christmas decor.

How to achieve the Farmhouse Look:

Creating the farmhouse look is all about picking a natural, earth-toned colors and thinking about incorporating unique textures.

“The farmhouse look uses tan, cream, grey and browns with natural finishes such as wood and metal. We added cotton and farm animals to finish it out,” says Darrin Buswell, Manager at True Value Garden Center in Franklin.



Icy/Snowy Winter Look

Although we don’t get a lot of snow in Middle Tennessee, you can create your own winter wonderland with a an icy/snowy effect on your Christmas.

How to achieve the icy/snowy look:

String classic white lights on your tree and use ornaments that remind you of winter weather like snowflakes, icicles, snowmen and ice skates, all in a crisp blue and white palette. Consider purchasing some flocking spray to spray your tree or other greenery you have or buy pre-flocked decor for an added touch of winter.



The Vintage Look

Go retro this year with a vintage themed tree. You’ll find yourself staring at the tree to take in all the vintage ornaments and it offers a great conversation piece for you and your guests if you are hosting any holiday parties.

How to achieve the vintage look:

At True Value, you can get inspired by their fully decorated trees, including their vintage tree, which is a throwback to the 1950s. They used woody station wagon ornaments, as well as 50s red Chevy pickups, campers, vintage Santas, trees and reindeer.



Red & White

When we think of Christmas colors, we automatically think red & white. “Traditional red & white never go out of style,” advises Buswell.

How to achieve the red & white look:

This trend is quite simple to achieve and the result is really gorgeous. Simply stick to these two classic colors when selecting ornaments and use a white tree if possible to really pull off the red & white effect. Since you’re going for a color theme, using large ornaments, like the balls and candy canes seen below, really make the colors pop.




Magnolias are a quintessential Southern plant and they make for great Christmas decor. The white/cream color of their petals blends in perfectly with a green (or even white) Christmas tree, as well as with other greenery.

How to achieve the Magnolia look:

Grab some fake magnolia blooms and place them in your tree, wherever you would like. If you just wanted magnolias on your tree, that would be beautiful, but you could also add white and gold ornaments, as those colors compliment magnolias.

You can find ornaments, ribbon, garland and anything else you would need to decorate your tree this Christmas at True Value Garden Center in Franklin, 203 Downs Blvd. For the holidays, the Garden Center has been transformed into a Christmas shop, equipped with everything you need to make your holiday special.  Like them on Facebook for holiday inspiration!

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