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Franklin property transfers, September 18, 2012

Property Transfers for 37064 as recorded in Williamson County

3210 Peyton Court, Franklin Green, Franklin, buyer: Michael C. and Courtney L. Mizr, seller: Richard and Valerie Johnsson, price: $245,000.

404 Alicia Drive, Brookstone Townhomes, Franklin, buyer: Edward Charles Hood and Serena Anne Broska, seller: Rex and Cross Nance, price: $194,000.

311 Caysens Square Lane, Barclay Place, Franklin, buyer: Jones Company, seller: PSP Barclay Partners, price: $105,450.  Vacant.

2100 Quail Court, Boyd Mill Estates, Franklin, buyer: Jonathan Steele, seller: Ismael and Virginia M. Quintero, price: $194,750.

701 Eastview Circle, Eastview Block B, Franklin, buyer: James Russell Street, seller: Bobby T. and Mary l. Hargrove, price: $106,000.

1557 Westhaven Boulevard, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Legend Homes, seller: Westhaven Partners, price: $134,000.  Vacant.

224 Molly Bright Lane, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Lucas and Holly Haman, seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders, price: $462,554.

172 Berthrand Street, Highlands @ Ladd Park, Franklin, buyer: Federal national Mortgage, seller: Shapiro & Kirsch Sub Trustee, price: $381,867.

118 Stream Valley Boulevard, Stream Valley, Franklin, buyer: Tony L. and Terry E. Wilbanks, seller: Drees Premier Homes, price: $389,900.

1824 Townsend Boulevard, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Beth E. Edmondson and Steven E. Blumenthal, seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders, price: $628,000.

1100 W Main Street, #F-8, Colony House Condo, Franklin, buyer: Alice Marie Carroll, seller: Mimi Moreno, price: $115,000.

378 Glendower Place, Forrest Crossing, Franklin, buyer: Ryan L. McMaster and Dawn A. Mosier, seller: David L. and Chigger J. Bynum, price: $350,000.

Egypt Hollow Road, Franklin, buyer: Joseph Young, seller: Riley L. Sewell Executor, price: $135,870.  Vacant.

709 Mt Hope Street, Hard Bargain, Franklin, buyer: Derrick L. and Marquita P. Solomon, seller: Mt. Hope Hard Bargain Redevelopment, price: $160,000.

302 Connelly Court, Reid Hill Commons, Franklin, buyer: Susan L. Jones, seller: Carrie Elizabeth Bilyeu Executor, price: $238,000.

Downs Boulevard, Franklin, buyer: Patterson Company, seller: DB23 LLC, price: $1,200,000.  Vacant.

300 Ash Drive, Hill Estates, Franklin, buyer: Cruz Mario De La, seller: Joseph W. Henderson, Jr., price: $120,000.

3113 Friars Bridge Pass, Spencer Hall, Franklin, buyer: Marie D. and John K. White, Jr., seller: Todd and Heidi Chretien, price: $304,500.

1701 Brockton Place, Residences @ Southwind, Franklin, buyer: Troy Kish, seller: Federal National Mortgage, price: $125,000.

360 Byron Way, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Johnnie and Linda Shaw, seller: Julian C. and Victoria D. Lane, price: $299,000.

1716 Townsend Boulevard, Westhaven, Franklin, buyer: Thomas D. and Lisa L. Jacobs, seller: Todd and Donna Kinnane, price: $520,000.

6285 Meeks Road, Franklin, buyer: Eric N. and Brittany L. Hendrickson, seller: Matthew Decker and Emma Lynn Forrest, price: $329,900.

Southall Road, Franklin, buyer: John W. and Lucille P. Gibson, seller: Lee Locke and Lynee Kennedy, price: $15,000.  Vacant.

202 2nd Avenue S., Franklin, buyer: RE Harwood Holdings, seller: Kelly Harwood, price: $800,000.

117 Jamison Lane, Jamison Station, Franklin, buyer: RE Harwood  Holdings, seller: Ira A. Shivitz, price: $250,000.

202 Church Street, Franklin, buyer: RE Harwood Holdings, seller: Dr. Ira Shivitz Revocable Living Trust, price: $500,000.  Vacant.


Property Transfers for 37067 as recorded in Williamson County

312 Grant Park Drive, Residents of Grant Park, Franklin, buyer: David Richard Hill, seller: Jordan Road Partners, price: $419,000.

3409 Stagecoach Drive, Watkins Creek, Franklin, buyer: NSH Corporation, seller: Propst Nashville, price: $60,562.  Vacant.

209 King Arthur Circle, Avalon, Franklin, buyer: JPMorgan Chase Bank, seller: Shellie Wallace Trustee and Angela Boyd Co-Trustee, price: $783,000.

228 Bateman Avenue, Cool Springs Estates, Franklin, buyer: Allen Jordan Buchanan, seller: Elisa and Jason Clerico Garrido-Gutierres, price: $291,200.

3022 Westerly Drive, McKay’s Mill, Franklin, buyer: Stephen D. and Cynthia A. Davis, seller: Jeffrey S. and Patricia E. Boham, price: $400,000.

2066 Roderick Circle, Forrest Crossing, Franklin, buyer: Cristi G. Watson, seller: Robbie Y. Parrish, price: $219,000.

109 Chatfield Way, Cool Springs East, Franklin, buyer: Christopher M. Cupp and Kari S. Anderson, seller: Patrick L. and Robyn S. Brien, price: $995,000.

Herbert Drive, Breezeway, Franklin, buyer: George Girjel and Irina Girjel, seller: Drees Premier Homes, price: $544,708.  Vacant.

1818 Brentwood Pointe, Brentwood Pointe, Franklin, buyer: William and Molly Tarpy, seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, price: $195,000.

601 Prince Valiant Court, Avalon, Franklin, buyer: Equity Trust Company, seller: Christopher T. and Amy A. Carden, price: $126,100.  Vacant.

1938 Springcroft Drive, Worthington, Franklin, buyer: Daniel A. and Sarah E. McCollum, seller: Grant D. and Rose A. Davis, price: $430,000.

310 Crooked Oak Court, Falcon Creek, Franklin, buyer: AH4R 1 TN LLC, seller: Melissa Starchild, price: $207,000.

3124 Herbert Drive, Breezeway, Franklin, buyer: Drees Premier Homes, seller: Clovercroft LLC, price: $115,000.  Vacant.

3610 Herbert Drive, Breezeway, Franklin, buyer: Drees Premier Homes, seller: Clovercroft LLC, price: $115,000.  Vacant.

1003 Tulloss Road, Franklin, buyer: Brian and Susan Kirby, seller: Douglas R. Martin, price: $750,000.

1416 Burnside Drive, Ashton Park, Franklin, buyer: Mitchell R. Israel, seller: Jared A. Attig, price: $325,000.

Property Transfers for 37069 as recorded in Williamson County

106 Pinehurst Drive, Temple Hills, Franklin, buyer: Eve Annunziato and Charles G. Neese, IV, seller: Barbara and Gary C. Tamkin, price: $288,000.

346 Sterling Park Terrace, Fieldstone Farms, Franklin, buyer: Castle Peak 2012-1Loan Trustee, seller: Wilson & Associates Successor Trustee, price: $365,000.

413 Sandcastle Road, Temple Hills the Links, Franklin, buyer: Tyree S. Wooldrige, seller: David Longhi, price: $578,000.

196 Clarendon Circle, Fieldstone Farms, Franklin, buyer: Hal and Georgianne Stone, seller: Laurie Ann Davidson, price: $267,000.

126 Cottonwood Drive, Cottonwood Estates, Franklin, buyer: Clark M. and Leigh T. Calvert, seller: Kimberly D. and Dan W. Lynch, Jr., price: $337,500.

4001 Flagstone Court, Laurelbrooke, Franklin, buyer: James H. and Tamara Dickson, seller: James and Denise Armstrong, price: $850,000.

2354 Wimbledon Circle, Fieldstone Farms, Franklin, buyer: Joseph and Margaret Cannon, seller: Ken A. and Vicki W. Scalif, price: $347,000.

601 Boyd Mill Avenue, #R-4, Laurelwood, Franklin, buyer: Myron Keith, seller: William D. Clark and William H. Clark, price: $115,000.

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